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Win-Tech India is a reputed and dedicated trading company dealing in Heavy-Duty Industrial and Plumbing Tools like Hydraulic jacks/Cylinders, Power Packs Torque Wrenches/ Pipe Wrenches, Multipliers, Socket sets/Slugging Wrenches, Pipe Threading Machine and other top quality products.

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Win-Tech India is a reputed trading house dealing in high quality world class Industrial tools since 1998. Since our inception we have given priority to provide Top Class Quality in both Products as well as in Services. We are dealing in Hydraulic Jacks, Heavy-Duty Industrial Tools, Torque Wrenches and Pipe Wrenches. We aim to set standards in trading industry through our state-of-the-art marketing network and experienced workforce. The values that we possess are integrity, reliability, innovation and customer focus which has earned us the invaluable goodwill in the markets. The range of our tools encompasses products that are manufactured in a very methodological manner. Win-Tech India is really looking forward to establish a strong business relation with reputed and well-branded concerns.

We try to maintain the uniqueness of our products, proper packaging and shipping. We deal in products of professionally popular company like Macmaster, Orione and RIDGID.  The Macmaster tools are meant for heavy duty jobs & higer torque application, and Orione hydraulic products are built according to ISO 9001-2001 specifications. RIDGID Plumbing tools comply with federal specifications CGG-N65IE, Type ll, Class. Our clients receive manufacturer's warranty for all tools they buy. Every product is thoroughly inspected and tested, before being given the nod for final delivery.   

Our Vision
Our vision is to help all our esteemed clients make their business better with our world class products. This means getting ever closer and establishing long-term relationships with them.  

Our ability to deliver products in a timely and consistent manner has earned us a huge client base. Our reputation is built around -
Our goal is to win the heart of our esteemed clients by supplying time-tested and well-acknowledged products. We believe in punctuality, quality and customer satisfaction. These are our winning tools for present and future.

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Hydraulic Jacks/Cylinders, Powerpacks & Bearing Pullers || Heavy Duty Pipe Wrenches,Chain Wrenches & Drain Cleaners
Heavy Duty Sockets Sets & Slugging Wrenches || Torque Wrenches & Multipliers || Pipe Threading Machines & Other Tools