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Win-Tech India is a reputed and dedicated trading company dealing in Heavy-Duty Industrial and Plumbing Tools like Hydraulic jacks/Cylinders, Power Packs Torque Wrenches/ Pipe Wrenches, Multipliers, Socket sets/Slugging Wrenches, Pipe Threading Machine and other top quality products.

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Pipe Threading Machine
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Pipe Threading Machines & Tool Kits & Trolleys

RIDGID Pipe Threading Machine is used for threading pipes. Threading dies are available for SS pipes, Plastic Pipes and MS Pipes.

Its capacity is from ½”-4” and is available in different models.

We also deal in other Industrial Tools like: Tube Cutter (SS), Tube Benders, Strap Wrenches, Spring Balancers, Etc.

Range Includes following :-

Tube Cutter
Electrical Tool kit
Tube Bender
Electricla Tool Kit

Gedore Work Benches

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